News:Man Sues Mudede For Refusing To Issue New Birth Certificate With New Name

<vote /> A Bulawayo man who is ashamed of his “unlucky” name has taken the Registrar-General of Births and Deaths, Mr Tobaiwa Mudede to court for allegedly refusing to issue him with a new birth certificate bearing a new first name.

Bayanai Tshuma whose name means ‘stab each other’ in Shona, through his lawyer, Mr Job Sibanda, on Thursday filed an application at the Bulawayo High Court citing Mr Mudede as the respondent. Tshuma, who is based in South Africa, said as a result of the “cursed” name, he continuously suffered bad luck and wants his name changed to Norman.

In his founding affidavit, Mr Tshuma is seeking an order compelling Mr Mudede to issue him with a new birth certificate bearing his new name. He said he went to the provincial registrar’s offices in Bulawayo three times and was advised that the change of name will only be possible if he engaged the services of a lawyer, which he later did.

In 2013, Mr Tshuma obtained a High Court order compelling the Registrar-General of Births and Deaths to issue him with an amended birth certificate. However, when he went to the Bulawayo registry offices, he said that he was attended to by a lady who told him that she was sending his file to Harare for amendments to be made.

Tshuma says,

A few weeks later, I went back to the provincial registry offices to find out if the amendment had been made and the provincial registrar told me that the Registrar-General had refused to make the amendments.

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