News:Mawarire Breaks Down During Interview. Talks Family, Court Case And Way Forward

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In an interview with SkyNews journalist Alex Crawford, This Flag Movement coordinator Evan Mawarire revealed how he felt when the State brought new charges against him in court. Mawarire says,

When the charges came out, the new charges came out and I found out about them as I stood in the dock my heart sank. And the first thought that came to my mind was 'Oh my God what have I done to my children? What have I done? What have I done to my family?'.

He breaks down as he narrates the courtroom story and what he felt when his lawyer told him of the jail sentence the new charges carried. He also revealed how his wife reacted to the This Flag Movement,

I sat down with my wife and the first thing I did was to apologise for doing something that I knew was going to be a danger not only to myself but to my family. Her response for me even up to now is a reassurance that sometimes in marriage you have someone who is not just a wife but someone who is a life partner. And my wife looked at me and she said 'I have known you for more than 13 years as a husband, a little bit longer because we dated for two years prior we got married, and she said to me the one thing I have always known about you is that you are a starter of things. And I knew at one point that you'd would start something that would catch fire and cause a blaze so I'm not surprised. My only concern is for your safety, me and the kids will always be okay.'

Mawarire also narrates that he agreed with his wife that he would not reveal everything that he was doing to her in case she would be pressured to reveal his plans. He goes on to reveal the way forward concerning This Flag Movement. Mawarire says the way forward can only be determined by the citizens of Zimbabwe,

It's up to Zimbabweans to decide whether we have come to that place where indeed enough is enough and where we decide that with our lives we are possibly now having to pay for a freedom that was already paid for. We are going to settle a bill that was already settled.

You can watch the full interview here.

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