News:Mawarire To Hand Himself In For Questioning In A Matter Involving Moyo

<vote /> Zimbabwe People First spokesperson, Jealousy Mawarire, is today expected to hand himself in at Harare Central Police Station’s law and order section after he was summoned for questioning over an undisclosed matter involving Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo.

Speaking to NewsDay Mawarire said,

I have been called in by Police Law and Order for questioning in connection with minister Jonathan Moyo. Not sure what the charges are. Am now going to hand in myself tomorrow (today) in the company of my lawyer at 10 am.

Moyo's office at the New Government Complex was broken into on Saturday night and police launched investigations to ascertain the motive behind the incident. An unknown brown substance was sprinkled on Prof Moyo’s chair. The assailants also broke into seven offices belonging to the ministry’s principal directors and directors. They gained entry into all the offices after tampering with the ceiling panels.

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