News:Mayor Reveals He Has No Authority To Order Easipark To Reduce $1/hour Parking Fees

<vote /> Harare mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni revealed to NewsDay that he had no authority to order Easipark to reduce its $1 per hour parking fees although the local authority was a shareholder in the privately-run company.

He said although Easipark was chaired by councillor Peter Moyo, it was a totally independent business unit, which was not under his control,

I am alive to the challenges that you are talking about, at the time parking fees were pegged at $1, it was nothing, but the realities of our economy today that same money means a lot. Even the $57 for towing is just too expensive, but Easipark is a private company and we cannot dictate to them what they should do.

Contacted for comment, Moyo defended the charges, saying they will only be revised downwards after the city has attained world class status,

That money is just too little for parking fees because there is chaos in Harare, so we will continue to make people pay that money. You can’t compare us to South Africa or even Zambia, theirs are world class cities.

Other cities in the region do not charge anything if a motorist parks for less than 60 minutes.

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