News:Mnangagwa Labels Violent Demos UnZimbabwean. Speaks On Food Security

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Acting President, Emmerson Mnangagwa has castigated the violence that rocked some parts of Harare last week calling them unconstitutional. Speaking in Gweru on the sidelines of a Methodist Church in Zimbabwe district convention for women where he had gone to witness his wife, Auxilia Mnangagwa receive confirmation into the church’s women’s fellowship ministry Ruwadzano group at the weekend, Mnangagwa said,

On violence, I was not in Harare, but I am told that there were some demonstrations which were violent. Our constitution allows people to demonstrate, but it does not allow people to violate the rights of other people or to violate the property of others. I understand there was violence which resulted in some people being injured which resulted in some properties being destroyed. That’s unZimbabwean, its un-African and its unconstitutional. That must stop in our view.

Turning to food security, VP Mnangagwa said currently the country had six and half months cover for the people and that by November, the reserves would cover the country for the whole year,

There was a time when we only had one month food cover. I chair the Food Security Utility cluster which deals with the importation of food into the country. In the last eight weeks to 10 weeks, we have been able to bring into the country enough maize which covers food deficiency of up to six and half months. I believe that by October or November, we should have up to 10 months cover and we are happy that we have been successful in bringing in maize.

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