News:Mnangagwa Speaks On Corruption. Gets His Facts On Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission Wrong

<vote /> In an exclusive interview with the Herald Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa spoke on corruption in Zimbabwe and said that Government should take action on the scourge. Despite his noble sentiments on the fight against corruption he however got his facts on the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission wrong.

Mnangagwa said,

I haven’t seen many cases that have come to court as a result of investigations by the Anti-Corruption Commission. It was commissioned sometime this year. I think maybe it is too early to judge them but I believe they will do something about it. Something must be done. Citizens must be able to report any cases to the police and the police must do their duties diligently without fear or favour.

Contrary to what the Vice President says above, the Anti-Corruption Commission was not commissioned or authorised this year. The Commission is one of the products of the Government of National Unity.

The Herald in a 2011 report said that Parliament's Standing Rules and Orders Committee approved the nine-member Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission which comprised of Shepherd Gwasira who is a retired senior police officer, Dr Elita Sakupwanya, a retired diplomat, Keith Dube, a retired educationist and Dr Goodwill Shana, a religious leader among others.

Last year President Mugabe as reported by Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation appointed Dr Job Wabhira who is a former public service commissioner, as the chairperson of the anti-corruption commission.

In the interview he also highlights that the investigation of criminal elements was the work of the Ministry of Home Affairs and not the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, that he oversees, or the Office of the President and Cabinet. He said,

The Ministry of Justice and the Office of the President do not investigate cases but that can be checked with the Ministry of Home Affairs especially on issues we read in newspapers.

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission was transferred from the Ministry of Home Affairs last year when the President appointed Wabhira, to the Office of the President and Cabinet.

According to Section 100k (1) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the President has the prerogative of appointing members of the anti-corruption commission.

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