News:Motorists to be fined $200 for picking passengers at undesignated points

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Motorists and pedestrians risk being fined $200 for picking passengers or boarding vehicles at undesignated points. Chief police spokesperson Charity Charamba urged members of the public to respect the new regulations,

"The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to inform members of the public that there is new legislation, Statutory Instrument 41 of 2016 which was put in place to deal with the mshikashika menace."

She said that the Statutory Instrument makes it an offense to fail to obey regulatory markings such as no hitch-hiking" signs. She said,

"The no hitch-hiking sign indicates to a pedestrian that he or she shall not attempt to secure a lift from a passing vehicle and the driver of the vehicle that he or she shall not pick up passengers. This prohibition on hitch-hiking is effective for a distance of 500 metres beyond such a sign."

Charamba also said that anyone found guilty under the regulations shall be liable to a level 5 fine or to imprisonment not exceeding 6 months or both.

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