News:Moyo speaks on civil servant bonuses. Says Chinamasa let Cabinet & Mugabe down

<vote /> In a series of tweets, Higher Education Jonathan Moyo commented on Patrick Chinamasa's decision to suspend civil servant bonuses for 2016 and 17. The Finance Minister's decision was recently rejected by Cabinet through a press release by Information Minister Christopher Mushohwe.

Commenting on the issue Moyo said, <shtml version="2" keyname="Wiki admin" hash="bc2ef4df8914207d2675a50e7eb21a495830b5d2ebdbdfc2a952bc04c6c5d0c3">

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A twitter user pointed out that Chinamasa in his presentation in Parliament had acknowledged the input of the same Cabinet and President that rejected his proposal, <shtml version="2" keyname="Wiki admin" hash="deff2d667ae8afc9bbd6d60062a4f5ce799f88b8cfbc1847ba2f7fc35bd5ce50">

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to which Moyo replied, <shtml version="2" keyname="Wiki admin" hash="952a2dfa55ea8bfc97e09caac9319d86f4cfd8127713d2a9ee2850bdf7df8f9e">

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Opposition leader Tendai Biti highlighted that Moyo's tweets were evidence of factionalism in Zanu-PF, <shtml version="2" keyname="Wiki admin" hash="7a35601990ae67979dcc7668bbfc6e7ccb00b889874936502921f308721d82f4">

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Moyo however downplayed Biti's suggestions of factionalism and responded that Zanu PF was as strong as ever.

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