News:Mphoko speaks on the appointment of criminals as ZACC officials. Makes reference to Goodson Nguni

<vote /> Speaking during a handover of 3 000 day old chicks under his poultry project to residents of Mpopoma suburb at Bango shopping centre yesterday, Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko said he agreed with acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa that there was need for Zimbabwe to fight corruption.

The Vice President said it was sad that some officials in the Anti-Corruption Commission were corrupt people who did not deserve to be part of that commission. Mphoko said,

There are some officials who ran away from Namibia and South Africa after they committed crimes. They will be arrested if they go back to those countries but they have positions in the Anti-Corruption Commission. Such a commission will never be effective. It’s not healthy for the country. It destroys the economy. It’s like a teacher, someone who is trusted by parents, raping school children.

Mphoko was referencing Goodson Nguni who is allegedly a fugitive from the law in Eastern Cape, South Africa. Nguni, who was convicted of “offences of fraud and corruption” by the courts in Port Elizabeth South Africa, was employed as Regional Manager by the South African Post Office in the Eastern Cape. He ran away from South Africa in 1999 amid allegations of fraud levelled against him by his employer.

The appointment of members to the Zimbabwe Anti-corruption Commission are done in line with the strict provisions of the Anti-Corruption Commission Act (Chapter 9:22).

The Act provides, among other reasons, that a person is disqualified from being appointed a commissioner if he/she “has been convicted—

(i) in Zimbabwe, in respect of an offence involving dishonesty; or (ii) outside Zimbabwe, in respect of conduct which, if committed in Zimbabwe, would have constituted an offence involving dishonesty.”

The Chronicle, NewZimbabwe

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