News:MugabeStatue Hashtag Trends on Zimbabwe's Twitter

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Mugabe Statue Trending on Twitter in Harare

The hashtag #MugabeStatue is currently trending on Twitter in Zimbabwe where Zimbabweans are poking fun at a photo of Robert Mugabe standing with his wife, sculptor Dominic Benhura and a an apparently new statue of the president.

The picture, which was posted online on Saturday, 10 September, by the state owned news site, The Herald shows a huge statue of Mugabe in his characteristic pose of his fist punching in the air upward. The picture was taken at Zimbabwe's State House.

The statue which stands 3.8 meters and was erected in January this year, is the work of famous sculptor, Dominic Benhura, who is also in the photograph. Benhura has said he came up with the idea of the statue to honour the President after being inspired by the man himself. He used a chisel, raspers and sandpaper on springstone to create the piece, which is Benhura's first ever portrait.

The sculpture was presented to the president yesterday by Benhura himself. Benhura said he was asked by the State Residence to do the sculpture and that it took him at least 6 months of work to complete it.

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