News:Mugabe Warns Opposition Parties Against Demonstrating. Threatens Jail Time

<vote /> Addressing the 103rd Zanu-PF Central Committee meeting in Harare yesterday, President Robert Mugabe warned opposition parties against demonstrating.

Mugabe said his government had run out of patience,

Let the opposition parties, and all those angling for chaos and mayhem, and violent demonstrations, be warned that our patience has run out. Government will take very strong measures against any political party, organisation or individuals that perpetrate violent demonstrations. Anybody breaking the law of the land will be punished accordingly.

He also threatened jail time for members of the opposition,

Hatidi vanhu vanozochema munyika hamusisina democracy. Democracy doesn’t allow people to go on a spree, looting and burning people’s property, beating others wantonly. We are there to defend proper democracy which has to do with peace, non-violence and stability. If we take actions which are painful, they have only themselves to blame. Vazhinji vacho havasati vambopinda muchitokisi, kungovharirwa chete, kukandirwa kasadza pane bhagidhi raunotira tsvina kuti idya usati watongwa.

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