News:Mugabe sues Zimplats over idle mining land

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President Mugabe has filed an application at the Administrative Court seeking confirmation of the compulsory acquisition of the underutilised 28 000 hectares of mining land in Kadoma, held by Zimplats Holdings Limited. Government intends to acquire the land and relocate it to prospect platinum miners.

The President seeks to acquire the land in terms of Section 7(1) of the Land Acquisition Act (Chapter 20:10) as read with Section 398(1) of the Mines and Minerals Act. The Civil Division of the Attorney-General's office filed the application on behalf of the President. A notice to acquire the land was published in the Government Gazette of April 26, 2013 and Zimplats was served with the notice.

Zimplats objected to the compulsory acquisition on May 7 2013 in terms of Section 5(i) (a) (iii) (a) of the Land Acquisition Act.

The Minister of Mines Walter Chidhakwa engaged Zimplats for a meeting but they reached a deadlock, prompting the President to approach the court.

Zimplats Holdings opposed Mugabe's application and urged the court to throw it away on a technicality.

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