News:Mujuru Speaks On Bond Notes. Equates Them To Tissue Paper

<vote /> Addressing party supporters at former ambassador, Agrippa Mutambara’s farm near Bindura in Mashonaland Central Province, former Vice President and Zimbabwe People First leader, Joice Mujuru pointed out that it was illegal for government to benchmark the proposed bond notes against the US dollar without the consent of the US government.

Mujuru said,

Take note; don’t be fooled to think that you now have your own currency when you don’t have. They are worthless papers, toilet tissue. You will lose all your livestock to buyers, who will give you the worthless papers. You say we are printing bond notes in Germany, the money should be supported when you print it. You say you were supporting it with $200 million. If it is supported by US dollars, did America allow you to do that? This is illegal.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has announced plans to introduce bond notes in October as a means of solving an acute shortage of cash, which has forced banks to introduce stringent cash withdrawal caps. Despite widespread resentment and criticism by citizens and opposition political parties over the move, the Zanu-PF government has vowed to continue with the project.

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