News:Mushohwe Warns Social Media Abusers. Comments On Tajamuka, Mawarire

<vote /> Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Christopher Mushohwe warned Zimbabweans in and outside the country against abusing social media through circulating subversive material that had the effect of undermining the State.

He said,

Government is aware of a number of Zimbabweans, among them Victor Dube, Jeff Judah Hosanna and Tapiwa Marimbire, who have been riding on social media platforms to insert and circulate messages of terror against the State and the people of Zimbabwe. Government has made it abundantly clear it is closely watching the activities of these subversive elements, who in the majority of cases are fronted by political parties and movements operating both inside and outside the country.

Mushohwe also commented on Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign and This Flag Movement,

Often their activities have been coordinated with disgruntled elements in the Diaspora who think their Diaspora status gives them both immunity and impunity. The link between these elements and intelligence services of hostile nations is now well-known, much as some of them vainly seek the cloak of religion, or other professional identities. One such character, Evan Mawarire has since shown his true colours, and is now where he truly belongs, namely in the arms of his handlers.

He continued,

Let those countries that have always pretended to fight terrorism now explain to us how they are aiding and abetting these terrorists squatting in cyberspace with their self-proclaimed public stances. Zimbabwe does not interfere in the internal affairs of any country. By the same token, it brooks no such interference in its own internal affairs by any country, however mighty that intruder may think of itself.

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