News:Mushohwe criticises US envoy's comments on police brutality. Says Thomas Jr should comment on police killing people of colour in the US

<vote /> Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Christopher Mushohwe said the callous killing of a disabled black American Keith Lamonte Scott in North Carolina, US, on Tuesday was clear testimony of how the American ambassador to Zimbabwe Harry Thomas Jr has no moral ground to criticise Zimbabwe when police use tear gas and water cannons to crush demonstrations.

Mushohwe said,

When the American ambassador, for example, accredited to this great nation stands up and condemns us because water cannons have been used on some people and not talk about the cold-blooded and callous murder of people of his colour in his own home-backyard then you begin to wonder whether this is not a racist comment. It’s no longer to do with human rights. We would expect the American ambassador to make sure that he talks about these evil, brutal slaughter of African-Americans in the United States and condemn his Government. Not to just come here and try to meddle into our internal affairs.

He added that it was strange that some of the most critics of police actions in Zimbabwe did not condemn the destruction of Government property and looting of shops of ordinary people trying to eke a living.

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