News:Mushohwe responds to Khama's comments that Mugabe should retire

<vote /> Responding to Ian Khama’s remarks that Robert Mugabe should admit he is old and retire, Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Christopher Mushohwe said the sentiments by the Botswana leader were taboo in African etiquette.

Mushohwe said,

The Government of Zimbabwe is shocked by this uncharacteristic behaviour on the part of President Khama who until last month, was at the helm of Sadc, and should know better that you don’t use the media platform to criticise fellow Sadc leaders as he has just done with President Mugabe. It is a taboo in African etiquette and diplomacy. Cde Mugabe has at all times cautioned African leaders against attacking each other in public as this would serve to strengthen the hand of Western imperialism at the expense of African unity. In the case of President Khama, we need not to point out that he should have known better to keep his views about President Mugabe’s age and administration to himself.

Mushohwe said anyone who applauded Mr Khama for his comments was not only an enemy of Zimbabwe, but the entire region,

All those patting him on the back for a job well done are hypocrites who have sold their souls to the devil and do not mean well neither for Zimbabwe nor this sub-region. They are agents of regime change driving a foreign political agenda against national and regional interests. President Mugabe is a liberation icon and solid statesman who has fought for democracy and total emancipation not only for Zimbabwe, but even the African continent as a whole.

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