News:Musicians come out in support of Evan Mawarire

<vote /> Music played an essential role during Zimbabwe's Liberation Struggle, of unifying the freedom fighters and the masses at the same time raising their morale through messages that defined the purpose of the armed struggle. People who came in solidarity(see pictures here) of Mawarire sang religious songs and prayed to keep their moral high and they erupted into song after Mawarire's release.(see video of celebrations here).

Thousands thronged Rotten Row Magistrates Court in Harare on Wednesday 13 July 2016, in support of This Flag Movement coordinator Pastor Evan Mawarire who was arrested on Tuesday 11 July 2016. Among them were popular musicians such as Takesure Zamar Ncube, Tehn Diamond, Synik and Mudiwa Hood. Gospel musician Shingisai Suluma released a video in solidarity of Pastor Evan. Artists such as Alfred Nenguwo voiced their support on social media and Munya Matarutse even recorded the song Nhodo and posted it on his YouTube channel with the hashtags #FreePastorEvan and #ThisFlag.

Mawarire was released after the Magistrate ruled that the charges that were brought against Mawarire were a violation of the Constitution. You can read on the full trial and verdict here.

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