News:Occupy Africa Unity Square Movement Starts Campaign For Prison Assistance

<vote /> Occupy Africa Unity Square Movement has started an online campaign for prison assistance. The funds raised will assist those who get locked up, by either providing bail money when the same has been granted by the court, or providing them food when arrested and in prison. If need be and where possible some of the money will assist the families of anyone arrested by giving nominal assistance.The Movement seeks to raise $3 000. The campaign ends on 31 August 2016.

Members of the movement such as Patson Dzamara were arrested in June 2016 on robbery charges and had their bail set at $1 000 before being reduced to $500. The movement argues that the state has been setting high bail charges in order to try and keep the people silent. Linda Masarira and other 18 other protesters were arrested during the July 6 stay away and denied bail. Masarira appeared before Mbare Magistrates court only to have her constitutional appeal dismissed. She is being charged with inciting public violence. Her matter was remanded to 11 August 2016.

You can make your donations by clicking here.

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