News:Patson Dzamara reveals why police summoned him

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Yesterday Patson Dzamara revealed that he had been summoned by the police at Harare Central Police Station. At the time he also revealed that he had no clue as to why the police had summoned him. Today he released an official statemment regarding the incident. In the statement he said that police had called him to take a statement regarding the torture he suffered when he was imprisoned,

Initially, i met with the ZRP PR department. The inspector responsible requested and noted a statement from me regards the torture I endured at the hands of police when I was arrested on the 8th of June, 2016.

He also highlighted that he had been called so that police would give him an update on the progress that they have made concerning their investigations into the disappearance of his brother Itai Dzamara,

Forward to that, I met CID law and order department with the officer commanding Harare and some of his team members. They essentially gave me an update of what transpired in my absence regarding the abduction of my brother Itai, whose whereabouts remain unknown till today.

Dzamara also highlighted that police treated him in a professional and friendly manner compared to other incidents,

Whilst i am unable to go to greater details about the meetings, for various reasons, i can confirm that both engagements were highly friendly and professional.

You can read his full statement below:

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