News:Police Report On Trevor Ncube's Army Visits Disappears

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Yesterday Trevor Ncube posted on his Facebook page that police in Highlands could no longer locate the record. In the post, which you can read below, Ncube wrote,

Today, my sister and staff went back to the police station for feedback. In a strange twist the police said there was no record of the report having been made. The reference number was not on their records and the detailed report that had been made could not be found. So they said another report/statement be made, which was done then and there with the understanding the previous reference number would suffice.

He added,

My sister and staff were requested to report at 8:30am today (yesterday) to check on progress. On reporting this morning (yesterday), my sister was informed that the car registration number BCB 7664 could not be traced. And this was all the officer could share. The officer said only the officer-in-charge could provide the rest of the information about the incident we reported. He was clearly uncomfortable and not authorised to disclose further information.

You can read the full post below,

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