News:Police violently disperse Tajamuka activists for protesting against Mphoko's continued stay at hotel

<vote /> Tajamuka activists yesterday voiced their concerns over Vice President Mphoko's continued stay at a five-star Harare local hotel. The activists approached the hotel where Mphoko is allegedly staying and refused to disperse unless Mphoko checked out of the hotel. Mphoko is reportedly refusing to move into his $3,5 million State-acquired mansion in Harare’s leafy Grange suburb and has opted to continue staying in an upmarket city hotel at taxpayers’ expense, amid claims he was not happy with renovations made to the house.

Mphoko has clocked over 550 days at the hotel, where he checked in soon after his appointment as Vice-President in December 2014.

Riot police were used to disperse the protestors. Below is a video showing how police was used to brutally disperse the protesting citizens.

Police brutality caught on camera

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