<vote /> Retired Colonel Elliot Piki has approached the High Court seeking $175 000 from the Ministry of Defence as compensation for maliciously prosecuting him on false charges of stealing fuel. Earlier this year Piki issued summons against Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi and the same ministry's deputy secretary as respondents under case 226/16.

Last Thursday Sekeramayi and the deputy secretary entered an appearance to defend notice with a view to challenge Piki’s claim against the military. According to Piki, sometime in October 2012, he was arrested and taken before a court martial on allegations of theft of fuel. He was however acquitted after witness statements were produced confirming he had authority to draw fuel and that the fuel drawn was used for military duties.

The former soldier said that he was urging the court to rule in his favour and order payment of $175 000 in damages for malicious prosecution, pain, suffering and detention.

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