News:Ruvheneko Speaks On No Longer Hosting The Platform On ZiFM. Reveals New Show "My Future"

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Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa was last heard presenting The Platform on May 16, the day her interview with controversial Pastor Evan Mawarire of the #ThisFlag campaign and Zanu-PF activist-cum political analyst Tafadzwa Musarara spiralled out of control.

As a result of the interview, Ruvheneko had to be immediately taken off air, leaving her to focus on her job as programmes manager.

On Tuesday, as ZiFM Stereo employees celebrated the radio station’s fourth anniversary, Ruvheneko used that platform to tell her followers on social media networks that she was no longer hosting The Platform, <shtml version="2" keyname="Wiki admin" hash="5d7b9d07a03821d2345995248481da58f32010e18799c23f65168675669c07c8">

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In an interview with Chronicle Showbiz, Ruvheneko revealed that The Platform was still being aired on ZiFM Stereo but with a new presenter,

The Platform still exists but I no longer host it. My last day on air was on May 16 when I interviewed Pastor Evan and Tafadzwa Musarara. After that, there were complications and I was informed I’d been taken off air. Farai Mwakutuya who presents, Ask The MP and Enterprise Zimbabwe, now presents The Platform.

Ruvheneko, who was promoted to programmes manager last year, had been responsible for The Platform, a programme she took over from the station’s founder, Supa Mandiwanzira in 2013 after he resigned to avoid conflict of interest when he was appointed Deputy Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services. Mandiwanzira had named the programme Head On, before Ruvheneko rebranded it.

Followers of Ruvheneko can still watch her on ZBCtv where she hosts another current affairs programme called My Future which airs every Wednesday at 6:30PM.

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