News:Sekeramayi Comments On MDC-T Army Uniforms Story. Dismisses Rumours Govt Deployed Soldiers To Deal With Protesters.

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Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi spoke to the Herald concerning rumours that the MDC-T are sourcing replicas of police and Zimbabwe National Army uniforms from an African country with the intention of using them to destabilise the country.

Sekeramayi said,

But we also know that there will be so many people posing as soldiers. The opposition has been trying their best to get what will appear as camouflage of the Defence Forces in order to confuse people that they have teamed up. But the soldiers are not part of that. Government is in control because there is the police and the Central Intelligence organisation. They will expose this. There is no breakdown of law in Zimbabwe. The police have managed to contain the situation.

He also spoke on rumours that government had deployed soldiers to deal with demonstrators. Sekeramayi dismissed the rumours and said

When soldiers are deployed everyone can see it. You don’t have to imagine. There is a wrong impression that is being created and purveyed through hostile media that things are very bad in Zimbabwe. But the truth is that the police have managed to control the situation.

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