News:Shingi Munyeza urges the church to support Evan Mawarire

<vote /> Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe president, Shingi Munyeza has called on the church to support This Flag Movement coordinator, Evan Mawarire.

Munyeza wrote,

The truth is his voice is not a loner’s voice in the wilderness, it is a voice representing the many subdued voices of the majority of Zimbabweans in cities, townships, villages, growth points, plantations, farms, and from the many sons and daughters of this nation scattered in the Diaspora. It is a voice inspired by a godly passion to see justice; it is specifically a perspective of the church expressing the feelings of the nation at large.

He then went on to urge the church to actively support Mawarire as a fellow clergyman,

I believe the lone voice cannot sustain longer if the church simply obeys as any other person, but remains aloof and fails to openly embrace it so that it becomes the voice of multitudes. A lone voice can be easily silenced, but who can silence the multitudes he represents

Munyeza is known for his warnings on social media concerning the state of affairs in Zimbabwe. He was once arrested for his statements on social media. You can view them on his profile here.

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