News:Sniper Storm's Manager Dismisses Death Rumours

<vote /> A message has been circulating on social media that Zimdancehall artist Sniper Storm had passed on in a car accident.

His manager Chido Musasiwa-Gutu who spoke to online publication Zimbojam expressed shock whilst refuting the mischievous allegations saying,

We would like to advise all the Masoja fans that the General is alive and well. There have been such rumors before and totally uncalled for but for those that wish Sniper Dead his time will only be dictated by God and not by man. We will keep you advised on shows and upcoming new releases and hope that we will be together for a very long time.

Several artists have in the past fallen victim of such death rumours with a recent case being Tocky Vibes who earlier this year was reported to have died in a car crash.

Last year saw Sulumani Chimbetu and Alick Macheso also falling victim to claims that they had both died in separate incidents in car crashes. In the same year war veteran and musician Chinx Chingaira ended up releasing a video to allay rumors that he had passed away. Some artists such as Lady Squanda have gone to the extend of faking their own deaths to gain publicity.

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