News:State of Emergency Feared As Manheru Suggest Ruthless Crushing of Dissent

<vote /> A state of emergency is feared in Zimbabwe as a columnist in the Herald called Nathaniel Manheru, widely believed to be presidential spokesperson, George Charamba, called for the government to be decisive in crushing dissent. In an article title "Zimbabwe: To Decide is to Govern! Manheru said:

The line has been crossed. From now onwards, it shall be another country. This caring world can go hang. We have a country to protect. And govern. After all, we have hit the bottom. We can’t fall ...Assad moved in decisively to crush it . . . Assad may have lost peace, lost development, but saved a country . . . and don’t waste time to decide is to govern, unless you want to capitulate anarchy disguised as democracy,

Opposition political parties have said they are taking the threat of a declaration of State emergency seriously.


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