<vote /> Popular musician, Stunner was involved in an accident yesterday along Jason Moyo Avenue when he lost control of his Toyota Lexus car and rammed into four vehicles. The accident left one person injured.

According to eye witnesses,

"Stunner had stopped at the traffic lights at the corner Jason Moyo Avenue and Fourth Street and when touts realised that it was him they started cheering him and he took off at high speed and failed to control the car after overtaking another vehicle and rammed into four parked cars, injuring one person who was rushed to hospital in an ambulance."

After the accident, Stunner sought refuge in a pharmacy. Two gentlemen who claimed to be the owners of the car from a local car sale later came to the scene with fellow musicians Ngoni Kambarami and EX-Q also arriving a few minutes later.

You can Read the full story on NewsDay or on The Herald.

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