News:Sulumani Chimbetu Fails To Perform In Gokwe After Failing To Deliver PA System

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Sulumani Chimbetu failed to perform at Club Junior in Gokwe over the weekend after failing to deliver a PA system to the venue. Sulu reportedly arrived at the venue and tried to get an alternative PA system from local churches but failed to secure one.

A source interviewed by the Herald said

He had no instruments for the show and he tried to look for an alternative PA system but it could not work. Patrons at the bar ended up shouting at him as he entered the venue.

The owner of the club, Jacob Sundau, also confirmed the incident,

He was here but could not perform because he said the car carrying his PA system had a breakdown. I was not expecting that from him. When I left the place patrons were shouting at him and it was not good. I wasn’t expecting that from an established artiste like Chimbetu.</bloquote> Sandau also said that he would engage Chimbetu and map a way forward,

I have lost my money in the process but as a God-fearing person I will engage them so that we map a way forward.

Although Sulumani Chimbetu is yet to comment on the issue, a band member confirmed they failed to perform because they had no equipment.

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