News:Tehn Diamond to feature mom on upcoming album

<vote /> Award winning rapper, Tehn Diamond has revealed a tentative tracklist of his upcoming album A Few Good Poems. He also revealed that he is set to feature his mother on the new album which is slated for a September 26 launch.

Tehn posted a screen shot of a WhatsApp conversation where his mother had sent voice notes on social media platform Twitter and captioned it,

Mum just sent her parts for the album 🙏🏾

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He also released a tentative list on with the following tracks:

1. Relapse

2. Mwana Wenyu

3. Bho Tsano (Remix)

4. Give Thanks

5. Sekele

6. Lead The Way

7. No More Drama

8. Be Amazing

9. Why Must We Fall

10. Over It All

11. 2062

12. Daijes In The Sky

13. When You Walk

14. Bucket Sunday

15. Nah Uh

16. Regrets

17. One Day

18. Just A Game

19. Three Words

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