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Dendera musician Tryson Chimbetu has confessed that conflicts in the industry have cost him opportunities and wasted the time he should have been using to better his career. Tryson said,

"On the issue of feuds in music, I did not want to deliberately fight my cousin or anyone, but I was provoked at times. I have my feelings and when I expressed them, critics pounded me unfairly. However, I have now learnt that it does not help to fight anyone in this industry. I have lost precious opportunities in unnecessary fights and I have now adopted a new strategy. I was young then and I believe I have matured. Where I was an overzealous young man, I am now a responsible man because I now have a wife and child to look after. I have grown up. I still feel there are people that want to pull me down, but I will not focus on them anymore. I want to focus on my music and creating something that is different from all the other Dendera musicians.”

Tryson lost his role as Zimbabwe Red Cross Society youth advocate, a golden opportunity for professional assistance from the organisation that has helped Alick Macheso in launching his latest album and mediating in the recent return of Orchestra Mberikwazvo key band members that had deserted the group.

The Red Cross abandoned the partnership with Tryson following his social media and public outbursts attacking his cousin Sulumani in what became known as the “Dendera war”.

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