News:Video of Lady Squanda Assaulting Abra Skimbo Surfaces. Facebook Users Call For Her Arrest

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<vote /> A video showing Zimdancehall artist Lady Squanda assaulting Nhau DzeZimdancehall presenter Abra Skimbo has surfaced on Facebook. In the video Lady Squanda slaps Abra Skimbo and tells him to leak her foot over a video he posted on YouTube concerning a message that Freeman had posted about her.

Facebook users condemned Squanda's actions with one user commenting,

" This is very disturbing and totally inhuman.We have bigger issues at hand apa vamwe vanooona abuse iri answer😡This is a disgrace to womanhood,a disgrace to the music industry!damn it!" Another user suggested the video be sent to the police so that Squanda would be arrested,

"I will personally make sure that this so called Lady goes down and she's brought to justice,if anyone has the contacts of this young lad who was being abused please forward them To me!"

Lady Squanda was at one time accused of beating fellow artist Lipsy for allegedly snatching her boyfriend. You can watch the video of Squanda bulling Abra Skimbo below:

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