News:War Veteran Claims Mujuru Cheated On Husband During War. Says She Was Never Deployed To The Front

<vote /> George Rutanhire, a member of Zanla’s General Staff, narrated his version of Dr Joice Mujuru’s liberation war history to the Sunday Mail. In the interview he paints Mujuru as a lover of men who did not fight the war to liberate Zimbabwe.

Rutanhire narrates,

Joice Runaida Mugari was a teenage chimbwido in the Chahwanda area of Mashonaland Central Province. In 1973, a group of guerrillas under the command of Cde Joseph Chipembere and including the likes of Cdes Mhukayesango, Cephas Tichatonga and Dick Joboringo, among others, were in that area. The chimbwidos prepared food for Cde Chipembere and his comrades. Cde Chipembere became interested in Runaida and they became intimate when he finished eating. But during the war, we had (rules and warnings) against sleeping with girls or women under such circumstances. Whilst other comrades were relaxing, Joice and Cde Chipembere took that opportunity to enjoy the forbidden fruit. During the intercourse, a battle broke out (with Rhodesian forces) and Cde Chipembere fought the better part of that battle whilst he was naked. This nonsense that (Dr Mujuru) brought down a helicopter – I don’t know where people got that from. It was Cde Chipembere who did that, and unfortunately he was a casualty of that battle. But yes, she was there as a chimbwido with other girls. All the civilians at that battle survived and Cde Joboringo is one of the survivors.

He also claims she cheated on her husband during the war,

Whilst she was having a relationship with Cde Gutura, then came Cde Rex Nhongo. After training, she was never deployed to the front because, remember, she was now married to Mujuru. After Cde Nhongo discovered that Cde Gutura and Runaida were having an affair, Cde Gutura was always deployed to the front. Even when he brought reports, he was quickly sent back until 1980. After Independence, many people joined the military but Cde Gutura was never allowed to join our State institutions. It’s sad considering the fact that he was a member of the Zanla General Staff.

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