News:War Veteran Speaks On Life After Mugabe. Warns Him On Consequences Of Refusing To Step Down

<vote /> In an interview with NewsDay Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association secretary-general Victor Matemadanda warned that President Robert Mugabe risked eroding his legacy and exposing his wife, First Lady Grace Mugabe, and children to Zanu PF vultures by refusing to step down.

Matemadanda said,

Mugabe is soiling his own legacy by overstaying. There is no need to force things. He is creating trouble for his children by antagonising everyone, we feel for his wife and children. It will not take 10 minutes after Mugabe’s demise for Grace to start running. Even his children, they probably understand what is happening now and might need to sensitise him on how his actions could stoke problems for them after him.

He also said that Mugabe's wife was being used by a group to destroy Zanu-PF,

Grace is allowing herself to be abused by criminal elements in Zanu PF to create enemies. She is being used by people with an ulterior motive to destroy Zanu PF and she should be warned.

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