News:War Veterans Arrested After Handing Themselves In. Likely To Appear In Court Today

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Two more members of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) were arrested yesterday, on suspicion of being authors of a communiqué by former fighters, which denounced President Robert Mugabe as a dictator.

ZNLWVA vice-chairman, Headman Moyo and the association’s Harare executive member, Wayne Bhila were arrested after they handed over themselves at Harare Central Police Station in the company of their lawyers.

This comes after the arrest of Victor Matemadanda, who was picked up as he left the courtroom, where war veterans' spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya was being charged for allegedly undermining President Robert Mugabe through the communiqué. (read more here)

The war veterans’ lawyer, Shingi Mutumbwa, told NewsDay that Moyo and Bhila were likely to be brought to court today facing charges of undermining the President.

Read More: NewsDay

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