News:War Veterans Withdraw Support For Mugabe

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The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association issued a press statement withdrawing their support for President Robert Mugabe. In the seven page press release the war veterans cite examples of Mugabe's misrule for example the scandals that have manifested themselves in parastatals such as Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority Holdings, Zinara and the National Railways of Zimbabwe just to mention a few.

In the press statement the war veterans also complain that Mugabe sees them as irrelevant whereas they are the ones who fought for the liberation of the country as well as his release from jail,

The President forgets that his release from JAIL was not out of sympathy by his jailers, but because of our war effort. That is why, after his release, he joined us. Yet, today, he refers to us as irrelevant! This depicts the President's lifetime character of always manipulating situations, and delineating others from vantage positions for his personal interests.

They also point out that the president should tolerate divergent views and should not fire or arrest anyone that expresses views that do not tally with his an example being that of Evan Mawarire's arrest or the expulsion of Christopher Mutsvangwa from Zanu-PF,

As War Veterans, we are dismayed by the President's tendency to indulge, in his usual vitriol against perceived enemies, including peaceful protesters, as well as War Veterans, when the economy is on its knees. He has a lot to answer for the serious plight of the national economy. His distaste and disregard of divergent views is unfathomable and must be stopped. We are dedicated to stop this rot which he has nursed over time, to everyone’s disgust.

The war veterans conclude that they will not support Mugabe in next election,

In view of the above, we the veterans of Zimbabwe’s war of liberation, together with our toiling masses, hereby declare that, henceforth, in any forthcoming elections, will not support such a leader who has presided over untold suffering of the general population for his own personal aggrandizement and that of his cronies.

You can read the full press statement here

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