News:Zanu-PF Youth Manhandle Youth Leader For Covering Up Kasukuwere Over Stands Saga

<vote /> The issue of residential stands that were earmarked for youths, but were reportedly sold to Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Walter Magaya by Zanu-PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere turned nasty on Saturday after Zanu-PF Youth League commissar Innocent Hamandishe was manhandled by youths in Chitungwiza who accused him of trying to cover up the scandal.

The youths accused Hamandishe of being used by Kasukuwere as a front to pacify them over the sale of the stands earmarked for them in Harare’s Chishawasha B area. During a meeting at Pagomba in Chitungwiza on Saturday, Hamandishe had to flee after he allegedly failed to explain circumstances surrounding the issue.

Sources said district chairpersons were offered at least 10 stands per individual to buy their support and not to question Kasukuwere’s dealings. This, according to sources, was going to be done through a provincial political commissar who was only identified as Chilinjali who convened Saturday’s meeting.

A source interviewed by the Herald said,

All hell broke loose when Hamandishe was called to clarify the matter. Initially he refused to come and when he eventually came, his responses were not convincing. Some of the youths lost their temper and concluded that Hamandishe wanted to shield Kasukuwere and they manhandled him and slapped in the face. After Hamandishe was manhandled, we agreed that we should meet on Monday and map the way forward. We felt that the issue should be addressed at the highest level because Chilinjali wanted to cheat us. He called a meeting on a different agenda only to smuggle other issues in the middle of the meeting.

Hamandishe could not be reached for a comment.

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