News:Zanu-PF warns cadres concerning succession

<vote /> ZANU-PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday warned some ZANU-PF party members and war veterans who having been granting interviews to the media discussing the issue of President Mugabe's succession.

Khaya Moyo said that,

"ZANU-PF is fully aware of some mischief makers on the succession issue. Unless some people suffer from malignant myopia, the position of the party on this misguided matter rests with the pronouncement made by the President and First Secretary of the party Cde Robert Mugabe at the One Million Man March held on 25 May, 2016, in Harare. The hundreds of thousands of people who attended the spectacular event organised by the Youth League got the message from the President loud and clear. The party is therefore alarmed by the uncalled for debate from some misguided quarters on a matter sealed and closed."

Khaya Moyo also went on to warn the private media,

"The private media who are spearheading this unwarranted and sinister agenda must stop this effort once and for all. the party, ZANU-PF has always called on all patriotic Zimbabweans to expend their energies on the implementation of ZimAsset as a way to achieve total emancipation of our people. Enough is enough."

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