News:Zanu-PF youth plan to join MDC-T march against corrupt Zanu-PF Ministers

<vote /> Zanu-PF youths who are unhappy over the manner in which Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere has handled the stands dispute at Ushewokunze Housing Co-operative in Harare, have threatened to join their MDC-T counterparts in a planned anti-corruption demonstration scheduled for Wednesday next week.

A Zanu-PF youth who spoke to NewsDay on condition of anonymity said,

We are fed up with this corruption, Zanu PF leaders have become land barons. They go around the country claiming that the land belongs to youths, yet they are feeding themselves. It’s now time for bhora musango.

MDC-T youth leader, Happymore Chidziva, said they would go ahead with the planned demonstration despite intimidation by ruling party youths who have vowed to block demonstrations targeted at Kasukuwere. Chidziva said,

We have to take this corrupt government head-on and demand that all corrupt ministers must step down because all this suffering is not because we are a poor nation. It’s all because of some corrupt people who are milking our country dry and filling their pockets.

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