News:Zanu-PF youth threaten fresh farm invasions

<vote /> Zanu-PF youths have threatened a fresh wave of land invasions targeted at all the remaining white-owned farms by 2018.

Addressing Marondera youth on Saturday, Zanu PF youth secretary Kudzai Chipanga said,

What do you do when a boyfriend is beating and falsely accusing his girlfriend of dating another man? You will finally fall in love with the man. The Western countries imposed sanctions on us because of the land issue. So today we are saying we need to take over the remaining white-owned farms. By 2018, we should have taken them over. It is our land and it is possible.

Speaking at the same event, Mashonaland East Province youth chairperson Kelvin Mutsvairo said Zanu PF youths in Seke would get their stands tomorrow,

Your stands are there. Some youths in Seke will have residential stands by Wednesday under Urban Development Corporation. The land is there and planning has already been done. We will make sure that youths in other districts will get the residential stands as promised by the President.

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