News:Zanu PF Investigates Origins Of War Veterans' Document

<vote /> The Minister for the Welfare Services Tshinga Dube said Government would continue interviewing war veterans’ leaders to establish the truth. Speaking to the government owned Herald, Dr Sydney Sekeramayi said thorough investigations were underway to determine its origins as no one was prepared to accept authorship.

Sekeramayi said

Both at party and Government level we have looked at the document, studied it and we have checked with some of the people who were at the meeting and up to now nobody is honouring and associating himself or herself with that document. It becomes absolutely necessary to carry out thorough investigations and get to the root of the matter. Whenever there is a meeting of the party or war veterans, as you know, resolutions are signed for or honoured. Hapana arikuti ini ndini chaiye chaiye mangwinya wacho akanyora document irori.

Dube said the matter needed to be dealt with from various angles before rushing to conclusions,

There are so many documents flooding around and sometimes we mistakenly think that they are written by war veterans yet they would have come from people outside the war veterans. We don’t want to say it’s them before we are not sure it’s them who wrote that. We will interview as many war veterans as possible to find out whether they honour the authorship of the document. We want to find out who could have done this and why. We have people saying nasty things about the President but they are not officials, they are individuals. But if it’s a communique and the war vets accept that that’s what they said, then it’s a different story.

Last week the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association published a communique at a press conference denouncing Mugabe and accusing him of misrule.(read more here)

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