News:Zanu PF MP Acknowledges This Flag Movement Has Legitimate Concerns. Says Ruling Party Owns Flag

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Speaking on AlJeezera Zanu-PF party member and Member of Parliament for Highfield West Constituency, Psychology Maziwisa acknowledged that the concerns raised by the This Flag Movement were legitimate.

Asked by AlJeezera The Stream presenter Femi Oke what Zanu PF's initial reaction to the campaign was, Maziwisa answered,

Well firstly let me say a couple of things. Number one, we don't understand why anybody would call our flag, this flag. We have 100% ownership and entitlement to that flag. A couple of things have since arisen from this so called campaign. Zimbabwe is a Constitutional democracy, in other words it's a country that protects, promotes and upholds the basic fundamental human rights of the citizens of Zimbabwe and one of those basic human rights is of course the right to freedom of expression. These guys, I have to make this abundantly clear, are making some legitimate, valid and pertinent points, because these are issues that must be addressed in any society.

When he was asked what valid points he was referring to he claimed that he was struggling to hear the question. He however goes on to say that the movement is misdirected as they should be directing their protests at the West.

United Kingdom based Zimbabwean lawyer Alex Magaisa, a representative of Concerned Zimbabwean Citizens using the pseudonym Farai Moyo and blogger Jacquelin Kataneksza were the panelists that made up the discussion.

You can watch the full programme here.

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