News:Zanu PF MP Calls For Mandatory Retesting For All Drivers

<vote /> Parliamentary portfolio committee on Transport and Infrastructure Development chairperson and Zanu-PF MP Dexter Nduna proposed for licences for non-public service vehicle drivers to expire so that they are re-examined to assess competence and suitability as a means to curb road carnage.

He argued that if the reforms are adopted they would also include the commercialisation of the Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) to ensure it operates efficiently.

Nduna said,

Our licences are the only ones which do not expire while a lot changes in the course of one’s life with some having constrained eyesight and other physical changes which limits their competence to remain on our roads. The licences are the only ones which do not expire and yet the owner can lose some of their faculties thereby putting the life of others at risk.

Nduna said age also plays a key role in judgement, eyesight and reaction to situations.

On the commercialisation of VID, Nduna said this would include computerisation and integration of all departments including the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR), which issues licences into the transport system.

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