News:Zimbabwe Defence Forces Issues Statement On Trevor Ncube's Army Visitors. Says Ncube's Not A Threat

<vote /> Yesterday the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) released a statement dissociated itself from suspected military officials, who recently visited Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) chairman, Trevor Ncube’s Harare home in a black Mercedes Benz.

ZDF spokesperson, Brigadier-General John Chris Mupande, in a statement, said the military had no hand in the perceived threats on Ncube’s life,

We wish to categorically state that in the above stories, the ZDF takes great exception to reference that its personnel were involved in the visits to Mr Trevor Ncube’s house. Such is tantamount to trivialising as well as criminalising the role of the ZDF especially to the extent that an attempt is made to link this unverified episode to the disappearance of one Itai Dzamara. For the avoidance of doubt, Itai Dzamara and the nature of activities leading to his supposed disappearance do not constitute any threat warranting the involvement of the ZDF, much as house searches are not a role of the ZDF,

Mupande said part of the ZDF regalia, such as berets, caps and badges were obtainable from many sources and are subject to abuse, and are therefore, not by themselves proof that anyone adorning them is a member.

He also urged all media houses to contact the ZDF for any clarifications through its spokesperson Colonel Overson Mugwisi or Brig-Gen Mupande before publishing stories that have the effect of tarnishing its reputation,

Such stories are a mischievously calculated ploy to discredit the ZDF, misinform and excite the international readership that the ZDF is a rogue institution. The Zimbabwe Defence Forces is an enviable international brand with a reputation to protect.

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