News:Zimbabweans are happy with President Mugabe's age, says Patrick Chinamasa

<vote /> Zanu PF Patrick Chinamasa.jpg Speaking on BBC's Hardtalk programme this week, Zimbabwe's finance minister, Patrick Chinamasa said Zimbabweans are happy with their president even though he's 92 years old. The interview had asked him if the president was not too old to be leading the country and if Zimbabweans are not rightfully calling for him to step down.

Chinamasa responded:

"In the case of our president, yes he's 92, but you must also know the long path he has travelled since 1958. He has definitive views about the destiny of Zimbabwe and he remains in place to ensure that the trajectory he wants to set for Zimbabwe is there even after he's done.

And as far as Zimbabweans are concerned. We are happy. And as far as Zanu-PF is concerned, we are happy.

Listen to the Hard Talk intervew here

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