News:Zimra to award companies and businesses that paid taxes last year

<vote /> Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) will this week reward companies and businesses that religiously paid taxes last year. The categories include large scale remitters, small to medium enterprises remitters and top remitters in the customs and excise category, which are sub-categorised into Value Added Tax remitters, Pay As You Earn and Income Tax remitters.

In a statement inviting shortlisted companies, Zimra acting commissioner general Mr Happias Kuzvinzwa commended businesses that observe their tax obligations. A copy of the the invitation letter read

You are therefore kindly invited to receive your company’s award during the Tax Payer appreciation Awards dinner to be held on Friday 23 September at Meikles Hotel starting at 6PM.

The Zimra chief, however, warned companies that the awards do not make them immune to auditing.

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