<vote /> The Zimbabwe Republic Police will continue fining motorists whose licence disks expired on Tuesday despite Zinara's vehicle licensing system experiencing challenges since 31 May.

Zinara has been experiencing technical challenges following its computerisation of insurance cover linking insurance firms and Zinara. Insurers have also experienced hiccups in processing payments since the system went on and off. As a result Zinara had issued a public notice yesterday in the media acknowledging its system failure. However despite this move by Zinara, the police have argued that they will continue arresting motorists with expired licences.

Senior Assistant Charity Charamba said that,

"Police have a constitutional obligation to implement Government laws. We don't work with notices that are put in the media and not formally brought to the the police. Those notices are not legally binding, but the law which empowers the police to arrest motorists whose lcences have expired is legally binding. The law is the law. Police will continue to arrest motorists whose licences have expired despite that notice in the media"

Zinara acting chief executive Engineer Moses Juma highlighted that the public notice was issued after consultations with stakeholders including the police,

"In fact all stakeholders were inormed about the challenge. That is why we put the public notice."

He also highlighted that the system was now functional and that they would start issuing out licences,

"The report that I have just received is that the challenge has been solved now but we will continue to keep an eye to make sure the licencing exercise runs smoothly."

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