News:Zinasu Leader Asks Jonathan Moyo Why Government Reduced Student Teacher Allowances

<vote /> Zimbabwe National Students Union secretary general Mako Haruzivishe asked Higher Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo why government reduced student teachers' allowances frm $329 to $156.

Recently government reduced student teachers' allowances frm $329 to $156 which according to Haruzivishe leaves them with $100 after deductions.

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When asked by one Twitter user if Zinasu had approached Moyo for an answer as to why government had reduced the allowance, Haruzivishe responded that they were still waiting for a response to a letter they wrote in January.

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In a recent article published by the Herald Moyo said that Zimbabwe has 13 000 vacancies for technical subject teachers. During a graduation ceremony at Belvedere Technical Teachers' College in Harare on 5 August Moyo said,

Zimbabwe has 13 000 vacancies for technical subject teachers. Today’s graduating class of 951 has only 376 technical and vocational subject teachers, and this leaves the vacancy for technical subject teachers at 12 624.

It is against this number that Haruzivishe argues that government can pay student teachers. Another user argued that the revenue that would be generated by selling Ministers' vehicles would be enough to cater for the student teachers.

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Jonathna Moyo who is active on Twitter is still to respond to the questions by the Zinasu leader and other twitter users.

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