Ngoma Buntibe, Music of the Valley Tonga
Directed byGodwin Mawuru
Produced byJohn Riber
Louise Riber
Written byRon Hallis
Release date
4 January 2000

Ngoma Buntibe is the ceremonial music and dance of the Tonga people of northern Matabeleland, Zimbabwe. This performance was recorded in the district of Binga near Lake Kariba in the Zambezi valley. Ngoma Buntibe is performed on formal occasions and at funerals when the dancers follow the paths the deceased used to walk. The horns are from kudu and antelope, the drum membranes from elephant hide. The Tonga are subsistence farmers, fishers, artisans and itinerant mine workers. They were forced from their ancestral lands by the creation of the Kariba hydroelectric project in the 1950's.[1]


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