Nic Rudnick
Nic Rudnick
  • Entrepreneur

Nic Rudnick is the founder and CEO of Liquid Telecoms.


Nic was born and raised in Zimbabwe where he did his education before training as a lawyer.[1]

Birth of an Ambassador

Rudnick clearly clearly indicates that he became passionate about technology advancement in Africa in 1994 when Strive Masiyiwa, now Zimbabwe’s richest man, walked into his office at law firm Kantor & Immerman, where Rudnick served as a fresh faced law graduate. Masiyiwa explained to Rudnick that he wanted to break the telecommunications monopoly in Zimbabwe and bring access to the masses.

Following the longest running set of court cases in Zimbabwean history, Rudnick and his legal team achieved just that. Masiyiwa’s Econet Wireless was licensed and given the right to compete with state-owned Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (PTC).

"It is cases like that which have served to develop competition, not only in Zimbabwe, but across the whole continent,"[2]


Through his Liquid Telecoms, he is said to have challenged state monopoly in various countries to promote access to telecoms.[1] Liquid Telecom has installed fibre cable connecting countries such as Zimbabwe, South Africa, Lesotho, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania.Nicholas Rudnick, also known as Nic, has been Chief Executive Officer at Liquid Telecommunications Holdings Limited (formerly Econet Satellite Services) since 2004. Mr. Rudnick serves as Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Telecommunications Limited and Liquid Telecoms Group. Mr. Rudnick established Liquid Telecoms in 2006. He joined Econet Wireless in 2000 as Head of Legal Services. He is a well recognised entrepreneur and legal expert within the industry. He played a key role in the internationally recognised landmark constitutional cases resulting in end of the monopoly over fixed and mobile line telecommunication services in Zimbabwe and remains a strong advocate of recognising access to telecommunications as a human right and promoting open access to telecommunications and the Internet across Africa. He serves as Director of Econet Wireless International (Pty) Ltd.[2]

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He has been listed in Global Telecom Business Magazine's 100 most influential people in the telecommunications industry for the last three consecutive years - highlighting his dedication to building Africa's digital future..[2]


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